Summer Vacation

by Plasma Cutter

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how's your day been? how's life? does your job still really suck? what's it like back in your hometown? tell me more 'cause it's not enough I wanna know as much as you'll tell me I just wanna be there for you tell me all about the weather tell me what it's like there I'm just trying to envision what it would be like if I could come through and spend some solid time with you when you share the air I'm breathing I wish I could say all that I'm feeling It's like going down the highway when it's nice out with the windows up hands so close but they don't touch when your fingers oh, could say so much like a cool temp tat in a quarter machine on a day that you're flat broke sometimes it goes unspoken but oh, I think I know you know can I send you all my playlists? am I being way too much? I don't want to overwhelm you but I think I might be feeling, heh can I keep you around? would that be ok? you're not the first but does that matter anyway? why should I stratify who means the most? I think I'll just keep you all close they say nothing gold can stay but I keep looking for your shine even if it starts to fade I'd still consider you a lifeline
melted ice in my sweet tea spilled some on a guitar cable condensation on the cup probably will mess up my table thought about going out tonight I'm just not feeling it kinda hoping no one calls my phone I probably won't answer it hey friends this evening pretend I am dead I love you all but those texts are going unread I think I'll just lay around in my underwear and sweat out my anxiety for how life is unfair blue screen on the vga input turned off the game to go sit outside lamenting all my problems to frogs and crickets they're not good therapists but they tried (I guess?) telling all the constellations about monsters and cartoons I have a crush on (not awkward) I'll have some cereal at 1am fireflies in the front lawn I'm not that old but I'm not getting younger I'm not that cold but I can't sate this hunger promise I'm thinking of you it's just hard to leave my house right now but I've got a pulse and spiteful bone to pick with this stupid garbage system that always makes me feel like shit so I'll probably be ok
don't wanna play by their rules or go by their expectations don't wanna be around these people I just wanna find my own direction am I who you thought I was? Don't even know if I am me push all these stressful thoughts aside until I fracture underneath I can't make everybody happy and that includes me paralyzed with doubt and set adrift in this sea (of indecision) everything's faded, I'm lost in my mind pull me up pull me out leave it all undefined you can cut my heart into your favorite shirt on the clothing line I know it might look ruined now but it could look better in time this could all make sense in time don't wanna throw myself away in a way that makes this break how do I make a clean transition without making a mistake I know my heart should be much bigger than space in my ribs allows but if construction becomes messy who will be caught in the fallout? (who will survive the fallout?) walk me out on the water where we all can find ourselves tilt my head back under wash out all the noise that dwells why do we see our bonds as fragments and affection as a fraction we live limited by terms that stunt our hearts with petrifaction everything's faded, I'm lost in my mind pull me up pull me out leave it all undefined you can trace my heart onto your favorite shirt on the clothing line I know it might look messy now but it will look better in time this will all make sense in time
I've been feeling disconnected I've been looking for escape Things aren't the way they were back then And I just want to get away I've been coming undone As the shadows get longer I hear echoes of your voice In the static where we wandered Tell me how to make it out alive When the world is dragging at my bones Show me how this all will come undone We can trace our footsteps back to home Summer haze Fill my head Surround me With skies of red Remind me I'm not alone Show me how to get back home Show me how to get back home I'm drowning in a sea of thought Can't stop fixating On the things we thought we lost Can you be my front porch light Show the way through cicada song Across the pavement in the coming night Reaching out from the static I've lost my way again Feel the weight in my bones Keep feeling like I've had it Wanna feel like way back then Show me the way back home I keep coming undone Keep me from coming undone Keep me from coming undone Show me how to get back home Keep me from coming undone Can you be my front porch light


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released June 12, 2020


Written, composed, performed, produced, mixed and mastered by Steve Craft aka Plasma Cutter. Album artwork by Steve Craft.

Ⓟ 2020 Tiny Waves.

Plasma Cutter - Summer Vacation
UPC: 194152311036


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